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Boost you career & empower your team towards product excellence 
with our certified courses in Product Management led by global experts.


Our most popular, one-day course. With content updated regularly, no course is ever the same. Attended by thousands to accelerate their career into Product Management or as the perfect refresher course. Great value and fully certified.

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🌏Livestreamed from Sydney

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Our three-day Full-Stack course is a powerful package. Designed around the Rocket Career Framework and the 9 product domains, to produce what we call the perfect product all-rounder training. 

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🌏Livestreamed from Sydney

🏷$1200 per person. Group discounts apply.

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Our 6-week course. Launching soon by popular demand. This is more than just training. Immersivepractical and extensive. With this course you don't just learn Product Management you jump right in and experience it for yourself.

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🌏Livestreamed from Sydney

🏷$3500 per person. Group discounts apply.


Already in Product Management and fancy extending your knowledge in a particular discipline? Product Rocket offers various one day courses in Product Design, Growth, Marketing and Delivery/Ownership.

πŸ’ŽSpecialist courses crafted with care.

πŸ”₯Hottest topics and best practices in Product.

πŸ–₯ 100% remote and certified.

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Get equipped with the best agile toolkit 

Our trainings provide you the skills and knowledge to excel in Product Management. We equip you with the following tools, techniques and mindset:


Tools, Frameworks, Methodologies - Overview of core product principles
Product Vision - Building around a problem & finding solutions through testing.
Discovery - Delivery - Growth : Understand each key stage of Product.
Design Thinking: Facilitate and utilise this powerful method to foster innovation.
-  Lean Startup: Learn to challenge your ideas with experimentation.
Delivery - Effective delivery methods for any org or product.
Growth Hacking - Key learnings to help you scale.
Data & Analytics - Define, track and measure the metrics that matter.

Designed for product lovers

Our courses are ideal for product professionals. Whether you're interested in getting into a Product Manager role or already have a few years of experience and want to skill up, this training is for you.

Not in a product role? We've had great feedback from marketers, designers, project managers, analysts and developers. Many professions look to benefit from learning how to from applying their newly gained knowledge and skills to compliment their current roles and fast track future career paths.


We start with the fundamentals and cover all you'll need but we quickly deep dive into key topics to really ensure impactful learning. Training is designed to be practical, interactive and fun for all skill levels!

We believe in learning by doing 

This is why our courses are practical and interactive. You'll learn from real world examples and experiences with the knowledge to apply your learnings to your work. Training is supported by a case study and a product defined by the team. You'll walk out of the course with a strong grasp of the concepts as well as practical experience which you can relay to your team or business

Enjoy the perks of being Academy Certified

We make sure you leave the course armed with the best resources to thrive as a Product Rocket Certified Product Manager. Here's what you get on top of the training:

β—ˆ A beautifully designed certification of completion for you to show off with pride.
β—ˆ We wrote a book! You'll get a hard copy of our most popular book on Product Management. It's clever, concise and the perfect complement to your training.

β—ˆ All the templates, cheat sheets and guides we use during the course (and more) are yours to re-print and re-use. We're certain they will come in handy!

β—ˆ Invite to our Alumni slack channel where you can ask any questions and the Product Rocket collective will answer it.

β—ˆ The complete course for you to refer to and teach others with.

β—ˆ Tea, coffee, cakes and treats during the course - to keep you sharp.

Curated by 100+ global product leaders

Product Rocket is a company with Product Management at its heart and soul. A leader of the discipline in Australia, now a key player, our mission is to bring the creation of digital products into a new era.  Learn more at


Rocket Academy is the culmination of ideas, workshops and thoughts from a range of leaders in Product. We offer certified training to improve Product practices across all organisations. Already having completed training with hundreds of students across organisations, we're proud of the difference we've made for the product community. We also extend the training offerings in the areas of Product Ownership, Advanced Product Management, Product Leadership, Product Strategy, Product Growth, Product Data and Design Thinking.


Product Management Fundamentals is continually updated to meet the changing nature of the Product industry and the course Trainers & Training Material reviewed and approved on every update.


Meet your trainer

Mandar Karlekar

Principal Product Consultant


With 10+ years of work experience, I pride myself on having a strong core product skillset with the aim of finding and solving problems. My strength lies in helping effective cross functional team collaboration to offer the best user experience through strong strategic thinking and hypothesis driven development.

A very enriching training filled with tools and concrete examples to rethink and address our product issues. The diversity of the the participants and experiences allowed us to question ourselves and take a step back on our own product approaches. A huge THANK YOU to our trainer for his inspirations and the transmission of his passion for Product.
Camille Peyrecave, Product Manager at Talentsoft

What our students say

TBC | Livestreamed | $400


Is Rocket Academy a recognised training organisation?

Rocket Academy is the training arm of the company Product Rocket Pty Ltd. Our declaration of training activity is registered our business and trading regulations.


Can employees finance my training?

Absolutely, we have a number of students who attend through a recommendation and/or funding by their employers. We're happy to send an employer sponsorship package to show your managers the benefits of studying with Rocket Academy as well as in-house training offerings for their team.


Are the Rocket Academy Training sessions certified?

Yes, we at Rocket Academy will ensure that you receive a physical and digital certificate on completion of the training. You’re free and encouraged to print, publish and be proud of your new achievements. Show off your newly gained Product Management skills!


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